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1966 Vogue coverCatherine Jones of Cambridge has been at the forefront of pioneering contemporary elegance since 1963, seeking out distinctive and individual jewellery for over 5 decades. Jewellery of our time, jewellery for life.

From simple ambitions back in the Sixties, Catherine Jones is now one of the most respected jewellers in the country, with a network of loyal customers round the world. In the modern era of relentless change and chain multiples, few independent retailers can claim 50 years of buoyant trading in one place and Catherine Jones of Cambridge is still be family-owned.

We may have been around for a long time but the determination to keep the collections fresh and to support young and emerging talent is like the oxygen in the blood-stream of the company.

Catherine Jones of Cambridge is the essential destination for those in search of a timelessly glamorous piece of jewellery, and the company is proud to have launched The Catherine Jones Collection, a series of designs made exclusively in our own workshop. As specialists in natural coloured diamonds, the range features pieces made using these remarkable stones. Jewellery for the modern, more modest pocket is sought out with the same determination as with larger, more flashy pieces. We make luxury affordable.

Catherine Jones of Cambridge prides itself on seeking out only the undeniably unique, with collections from leading and award-winning designers in the UK such as Sarah Jordan, Fei Liu, Andrew Geoghegan and James Newman in the UK, and the design-led brands of Lapponia, Niessing and Georg Jensen from Europe. Each piece is lovingly crafted and selected.

Round churchThe watch brands of FORTIS, NOMOS Glashutte have recently come in to the range and blaze a trail for contemporary design in time pieces.

We have also embraced the modern world of on-line retail with our own on-line boutique at so we can serve not only our UK clients better but those of the Catherine Jones of Cambridge diaspora, round the world in the United States, Hong Kong and as far away as Australia.

Catherine Jones of Cambridge - Cambridge's favourite brand since 1963.